Can You Even Believe That Music, Like, Exists

I love music. Everything about it, even the fact that it even exists, kind of blows my mind on a daily basis. The love affair started with My Chemical Romance screaming into my twelve year old ears on the bus going to school, and now I spend hours at a time getting my Spotify playlists as close to perfection as I can get (jhoell, if you want to see for yourself. You should go see for yourself). I love curating different playlists for different moods and I love how a song you listened to at a specific time or place can bring you back almost physically. I can listen to an album I was obsessed with one month and remember exactly what I was going through at that time. I can listen to a singer that someone introduced me too and automatically think of that person and the memories attached to them. It’s incredible and I’m so grateful that it’s there as an escape sometimes. Anyway, let’s talk about my favorites and why I would die for them. Will add more when I remember that to have an intriguing blog you have to post more than once a month!

Mayday Parade

Okay, I mean… if you know me.. you know. Since 6th grade they’ve been labeled my favorite band and last year I got to not just meet two of them, but hug two of them, and then almost threw up all over the merch tent due to sheer excitement. I don’t know what it is about them – their lyrics are usually depressing and tend to make me think of every ex I have ever had, but screaming along to Derek Sander’s voice does something for me, and probably is fully responsible that I still am stuck in the pop punk phase I should have escaped from in high school. Though incredibly hard to choose from the 91 songs I have downloaded, a few favorites are “Jamie All Over” (for obvious reasons), “No Heroes Allowed” “12 Through 15” and “Where You Are.”

Two Feet

Relatively new, I love everything this man comes out with. I don’t know what I’d describe his music as, maybe a little bit electronic but also kind of indie ish but also kind of neither of those things? The drops in “Quick Musical Doodles” make me FEEL something and I have almost crashed my car at least twenty times vibing to “Maria” and “Love is a Bitch.” The perfect late night drive music.

Tyler the Creator

I love this man really. If you ever catch me driving, windows down, sunglasses on absolutely going off to “Domo23,” then you’re welcome, and I have maybe never heard a song I love more than “I Think.” It might be the stoner 15 year old boy that is my inner being that chose to be infatuated with his music, but I love when an artist’s songs sound nothing alike. Like every song sounds like a different genre, some of Tyler’s not even sounding like a specific genre. I have his songs in my beach playlist, my late night drive playlist… I think at least a couple of songs in every playlist. Kinda in love, and kinda definitely on my “celebrities I would pay money to smoke with” list.

Florence & the Machine

On God nothing hits harder than “The Dog Days Are Over.” Nothing. Ever. That’s all.

Glass Animals

Every song, and I mean every song, hits. They bring this cool trippy pop/indie sound to the table and every song is cool and weird in it’s own way. My smoking playlist is full of their songs, and they literally just… keep getting better?? Their beginning songs/albums were good enough but then their album Dreamland dropped to save 2020 and it did just that for me. Every song is so good and different and feeling inducing, please actually just go listen to it. Some favorites are “Tangerines” and obviously I can’t write about them without mentioning “Gooey.”

Still Woozy

Exactly like Glass Animals, Still Woozy has that same indie pop trippy sound, and again, all of their songs perfect for any smoke sesh playlist you’re making. Unfortunately they don’t have an album out yet, just singles but you could go listen to any one of them and fall in love as hard as I did. (Psst… “Habit”).

Peach Tree Rascals

I’ve been a die hard fan of songs sung by boys who sound like they smoke 39 cigarettes a day and can’t stop crying over their 11th grade girlfriend in their songs, but I have recently been foraying into a genre that actually elicits peacefulness and gives me a nice little seratonin boost. Peach Tree Rascals are another perfect addition to any late night drive playlists. I’m also a big fan of aesthetically pleasing album cover art and every single has pretty cover art you can stare at while you’re getting those big indie vibes that make you romanticize your life into a coming of age movie, which you one hundred percent will do while listening to anything of theirs. Try “Violet” or “Cranberry.”


One of my friends recommended I listen to one of her newer songs and then I accidentally listened to that song and her other songs 56 times each that same day. (The original recommendation was “People I Don’t Like”). I love this girl. I don’t know anything about her but I am maybe in love with her ?? Her songs make me turn into a pop singer powerhouse and if you want to feel just as good as I do listening to her music listen to “12345SEX” or “Wish You’d Make Me Cry.”

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