Quick Reminder? Black Lives Matter.

I’m not a political person. Never have been. I went a really long time attempting to stay away from anything to do with the president, the government, our society, really, in general.

I’ve never gotten pulled over for a speeding ticket, accidentally running a red light or making an illegal U-turn. I’ve never feared for my life when walking past a cop. I’ve honestly never even had one so much as look at me twice when I’ve passed by them. I’ve never been stared at when strolling the aisles of a store.

I live in a state where marijuana is legal. I am free to smoke something that people go to jail for on a daily basis. I grew up somewhere surrounded by people who looked like me. I didn’t have a black professor until my junior year of college.

White privilege. An uncomfortable topic, but one that needs to be talked about. I grew up in a yeehaw country town where the sight of a confederate flag or, recently, a Make America Great Again banner, was not a rare thing to see. Those of you who call that place home know what it’s like. You know what a large bulk of the population is like, and who many of them voted for.

Before I got to college and found myself with a political major roommate and friends, I stayed away. I barely even knew the definition of the words “democrat” and “republican.” I was literally the definition of the person who says “I try to stay out of politics, it doesn’t matter to me.” I said that multiple times. Now, I know how much all of it does matter. Especially when you find yourself under the power of someone set on attacking the basic civil rights of not just one, but multiple minority groups.

There’s something deranged about watching police in major cities worldwide, attacking protesters walking for the justice of black people who have been murdered, by said police, sworn to protect and serve. Videos of the NYPD running their cars into crowds, without hesitation. People getting ripped out of their curfews, and staying out past a curfew made up to stop… what? People marching? Chanting the names George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, in hopes of getting SOME sort of justice for their families, as those who murdered her walk free without any repercussions? I went to one protest in downtown Boston where thousands marched, peacefully chanting and holding signs, where a black woman sobbed into a microphone about witnessing the murder of her son. Is that what they’re protecting us from? Watching the military walk through my city in bulletproof vests, seeing the statistics of how many billions of dollars go towards the police every year, while SO MANY people are living in the fucking streets, so many owe thousands of dollars to the government just because they chose to get a higher education, where so many people are not able to afford medicine that keeps them alive.

Our president tweeted about his birthday this morning. How it will be the best day ever. As our country is in civil unrest. Cops murdering people. A full on police state – he tweets about his birthday. He ran into a bunker and hid when the protests began. Racist remark after racist remark. We let the man who said “…grab them by the pussy” about WOMEN become a president. WOMEN voted for him after that. WOMEN still support him to this day, after he said that. Because, what? What makes him such a stellar president that people are willing to put up with a racist & sexist man, a man where full on documents have come out, confirming that he is a pedophile? Because the economy is better? It truly always comes down to money, does it not?

He was delayed in getting basic equipment for hospitals when we were faced with a global pandemic. It took a day to get the national guard into the streets of every major city.

Racism is an ISSUE. It is a huge fucking issue. And it is your job to educate yourself, and use the voice you have for those who can’t always use their voice. Fucking donate – it makes me sick to think of every fucking influencer, celebrity, ANYONE with a platform and money to spare, that have not donated a cent to anyone throughout this. I’ve seen countless college students and young people posting petition after petition, donation link after donation link, some of them having been out of work for months now because of the pandemic, some with not much money to spare, still donating.

It’s not a trend. It needs to fucking end, and every single murder case needs to be reopened. Things need to change. Educate yourself and show some fucking love to people, because this world needs more of it.


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