Life Do Really Be Like That

“I’m going to blog daily!! I’m going to get famous from my writing!! I am!! So!! Good!!” she said before writing five blog posts and disappearing. Life has truly been a wild roller coaster in 2020, and between running to the bathroom 68 times a day to wash my hands so the Corona virus doesn’t get me, taking a quick three day trip to the hospital because my body graced me with not just one, and not just two, but three kidney stones (<3), and somehow finding the world’s greatest job, I can’t say I have been the world’s best blogger.

I went back and forth between posting a life update blog or a blog that would be way too long, a blog that no one asked for, that being a review of all the books I’ve been reading lately. (Don’t worry, I literally do not care that no one asked for this, and will be doing it anyway soon enough). But too much crazy has been happening in the world and I must get my thoughts into the open on them, not that anyone asked for this either.

Starting with me landing a fantastic job after being MISERABLE at my last one. I left a job that was run by toddlers, and I wasn’t making close to enough money because I kept jumping at the chance to leave early and get away from that place. And honestly your job means everything – if you’re not happy getting up and going to work every day, you’ll be miserable in general, even when you’re not at work. Working that job made me an awful person to be around – I was having to get up early in the morning, work 12 hour days (never consistent!! a fun guessing game!!) and dealing with employees who treated the place like their own personal hang out space. I was so unhappy, and after lasting a mere three months – not even, I knew I had to either find a better job here or go back home. After applying to, not to be dramatic or anything, 60 million jobs, and hearing back from approximately three, I got a call back for a front office coordinator position in Davis Square (the…prettiest square in all of Boston) and after accidentally lying to the person on the phone about my skills in insurance, I went in and a couple of weeks later accepted the job. And when I say it is a complete 360 turn around from the other job, I’m not being dramatic. Every. Single. Person. Who works here. Is the. NICEST. Person I have Ever. Met. Not one nasty bone in any of these people’s bodies. Every single person has reached out to me to see how I am doing, yell at me (kindly) to drink more water, and is incredibly patient with my dumb ass mistakes. I don’t even mind waking up at the absolute butt crack of dawn to take a forty five minute T ride, and I feel like that should say a lot in and of itself.

I can’t not mention the Coronavirus. Starting in college, for some unknown reason, I became somewhat of a weirdo germaphobe. I will not share food or drinks that someone else has touched, and if a bag of chips or anything else has been opened already and a grubby little hand has felt around on the inside, I would rather die ten times over than stick my own hand in there. So as you can imagine, I have been ~freaking out~. I think I have bought fourteen hand sanitizers in the last week and step into the bathroom 1,089 times a day and after touching any single thing. I’ve already gotten a few freak out phone calls from my mom (the apple truly does not fall far from the tree) telling me under no circumstances should I get on a flight to Miami in a week…

Speaking of !!!!!! I am going to Miami with my roommates next weekend? Like it still has not even hit yet, that at a very low point in my life last year, I said to myself, “Huh. Would a vacation to Miami during spring break help me feel better? Yes, I believe it would,” and bought tickets. Like I’m not going to have 52 panic attacks five minutes into being in the most crowded place to be during vacation. Like I’m not going to stroke out picking club outfits as if I haven’t been going to parties in the same black crop top and ripped jeans for the last five years. However, I cannot stop thinking about being on a beach, near the water, with a pretty little drink and a book in my hand, and I know I’m going to have the time of my life but.. My flight. Is on a Friday! the 13TH!!!!!!! Can’t even begin to understand the irony here. I wouldn’t say I’m completely superstitious (black cat, hello) but getting on a plane on Friday the 13th is just asking for death, and I am going to have to be absolutely baked out of my mind to even get in a car to go to the airport.

One final update and maybe the biggest ?? of my life? Of course I have been well aware of the fact that men are, usually, awful, and after my last deep situation (this is the worst description I have ever written/read, please leave me alone, it is approximately 7am) with a guy who, once again, treated me like an actual pile of dog crap that he had accidentally stepped in, I had a light bulb moment in which I realized that girls are…. hot??? I don’t know if this is a mid-life crisis or not, but recently men have been just the last option and I kind of hate them. Growing up in a household where I would jokingly ask my mom “yo what would you do if I liked girls” and the answer being “well, I guess I would have to accept it,” I was terrified to let my mother know about this newfound trait of mine. She is my absolute my best friend and the amount of times she has called and I have responded, “I am too stoned to move and will have to call you back” is over one hundred, so it’s not like she’s a scary person or anything, she just has never really been around that sort of thing in her life. I brought my very gay best friend home over one day, a couple of years ago, and when she walked out of the bathroom, my mom, trying so very hard to be understanding of something she is so unfamiliar with, says “So, when’d you come out? Are you going to have kids?” after knowing this person for less than an hour. But after jokingly hitting me with a “omg I have to go restart my heart,” after I broke the news, she made sure to tell me that whoever I’m happy with should be who I am with, and that she loves me regardless, which is honestly all you ever need to hear from your mom.

So, in conclusion, life has kind of been wack. Boston still has my whole entire heart, and I’m so glad to see myself changing into a person that I am proud of.

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