I got played.

You ever realize how much of an absolute joke graduate school is? Especially the one I’m currently going to? Well, let me clue you all in on the shadiness that Simmons has been throwing my way this week.

Okay, so, first things first – yes the rumors are true and I definitely did leave most of my entire final project for a class until the last day it was due. To be honest, I work better under pressure anyway, and there was no shot I was paying 25 dollars daily to come work on it during the semester. After realizing I had approximately four days to finish though, the other day I dragged my lazy self to the T and slaved over the project in the technology lab for a few hours, thinking to myself I had all weekend and all of Monday to finish it up. Easy, peasy. Ha ha ha, nope! Like I mentioned in my last post, the parking garage was closed all weekend, and even if I had taken the T to campus, THE TECHNOLOGY LAB WAS CLOSED. Let me break down all of the reasons why this is the shittiest thing that I have ever experienced in my academic career.

Students have jobs. Students have busy schedules, especially living in one of the most chaotic cities in the world. Sometimes, the weekends are genuinely the only time available to work on anything for school. For Simmons to go and completely close the computer lab for the entire weekend… There’s no way that’s fair. To add on to that, uh…it’s finals week? Christmas is in nine days. People are making plans to travel home for the holidays. There are tests to study for, projects to finish, so on and so forth. How are you literally going to cut off access to the main part of your school and expect students to somehow figure something out? We have less than a week left to get everything in before the end of the semester, and you’re just going to say “Okay, good luck!” and close the labs.  Finally, I own a Chromebook. You know those computers who provide the bare minimum and really do nothing for anyone that uses them? Yeah, I have one, mostly because I don’t spend a ton of time on my laptop and went with what would fit me best, which just so happened to be the inexpensive, kind of busted one. Turns out that I really should have planned a little better for my future coding class where I would literally not be able to work anywhere else besides the technology lab because my little baby computer does not have the power to download any of the essential coding software. 

So, today’s complaint starts with me pulling myself out of bed early, and I mean early, to take the T to campus to just get finish this awful, terrible, ridiculous project once and for all. After falling asleep at two in the morning, waking up to my alarm blaring at the ungodly hour of five am,, walking in the cold, dark, sketchy area that I live in, dealing with the green line (which we all know is no fun at any time of the day especially 5 in the morning,) I made it to campus just to find out that 1) I could not get coffee because the cafe didn’t open for another hour and 2) surprise, surprise the technology lab isn’t open until TEN. TEN IN THE MORNING. When I tell you I stomped down the hall to the student lounge, FIVE feet away from the lab that I couldv’e been working in, and cried for ten minutes, I am not being dramatic. Though the angry letter that I crafted and sent off to the dean might argue against the whole being dramatic thing. Anyway, in conclusion, higher education is a scam.

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