do I dare use this as a place to review books?

No one asked for this. But I read way too much to not try to keep track of every book so uhh, sorry!

I just finished reading Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes and FINALLY!! I have been severely lacking good books in my life. I have piles of unread books (and increasing way too often) but nothing has been holding my attention. I go through phases of reading every second of every day to not reading or feeling inspired by a book for months in a row. I’ve read a couple since I’ve moved here but I can’t say I couldn’t put any of them down, but this book changed it.

It’s honestly not my usual book. It’s sic-fi or fantasy and I tend to try to avoid those. The book was about these scientists who were experimenting on a mouse named Algernon, and a man named Charlie with a low IQ, performing surgery with the end goal of making them geniuses. Charlie starts out not even being able to beat a mouse through a maze, to knowing a bunch of languages fluently, and having more knowledge than anyone else in the world. But he learns so much knowledge that he realizes the experiment is going to fail, and no one knows what will happen because the experiment has only been done on animals before Charlie.

Along with the story itself being so original and creative, the way the book was written was so amazing. The book was written in the form of Charlie’s progress reports he is supposed to be writing in to keep the scientists up to date on what’s happening. When he has the lower IQ, the test of the book reflects that. Words are misspelled and grammar is terrible. As Charlie gets smarter, it shows in the actual text of the book to the point where I couldn’t even understand what he was saying.

I loved this book and I’m so excited that I didn’t completely lose the time or passion to put towards reading when I moved here. Next up: Everyday by Jandy Nelson.

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