from editor, to librarian to literally how am I going to afford to live in boston.

Okay, I know we all joke or whatever, but Boston is so expensive that I cannot step a foot outside of my apartment without spending money. Dunkin’ Donuts is literally down the block, how is a girl to resist that? Not to mention, one of my worst character flaws is ordering takeout every night. I went to Target the other day with the mindset of making chicken cutlets and broccoli, bought all of the ingredients, drove home, put the ingredients away, sat on the couch, and ordered Italian food instead. It’s an illness. Also, I don’t know WHO raised me (I do, thank you mom for the expensive taste) but I fully believe in retail therapy. I will easily spend fifty bucks on books, clothes I don’t need, a box full of candles I do not need, without batting an eye.

On the other hand – I am so lazy, sometimes it’s hard to believe. I want all this money so I can buy all of the things that I want, which is an amount of things that increases on a daily basis, but I literally have zero motivation to do anything. And this definitely isn’t something to brag about. But to be honest, I have never seen myself in a full blown career. I’ve never felt the push or the passion to work for a really high paying company. I want the money, sure, but to really hustle for it has never really been something I’ve believed I had the power to do.

So I did find a job within a couple weeks of moving here and was so excited that I had found a four day a week job that was stated as being full-time and allowed me to be surrounded by animals. Though I definitely do not want to get into the long story about why I only lasted a couple months here, I put in my two week notice to, what the people call, “find myself“. I had a side job walking dogs on Wag (I posted a photo of the first dog I walked on the Charles River and my favorite dog that I’ve walked – literally the best side hustle in the world) and had savings so I could pay rent for a couple of months without worrying.

All I wanted to do was take a break, be able to sleep in instead of waking up at 5am for a job I hated, and read for hours every day, and end the night peacefully high and not setting an alarm. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve applied to a few receptionist jobs and recently discovered the joys of freelance writing. And I’ve delved into a few other desperate ways to earn some money for my intense takeout obsession (I will admit I was up on a sugar daddy site for a full day before having a breakdown and immediately deleting it) but I’m just kind of chilling out for right now. Here’s hoping someone discovers my fantastic writing talent and get me to be a famous writer. (Just kidding… Kind of?)

My first paid Wag walk — Ellie was a sweetie and experienced the Charles with me
ok to be honest I do not remember this dogs name but look how cute he was

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