i should have moved to california instead.

Not to be dramatic but winter is genuinely one hundred percent the worst thing that has ever been introduced to the universe. Every year I know it’s coming and I’m still never prepared or happy about it when that first storm hits. I woke up this morning to a blizzard outside and actually leaked a tear over it. It’s December 11th, how dare there be snow on the ground during the first month where it’s acceptable for there to be snow on the ground. Going from dealing with winters in Upstate, NY to a Boston winter isn’t that much of a change, but, why couldn’t I have fallen in love with San Francisco instead of Boston? Did I not think that I would still hate snow and the cold just as much as back in New York? The pure anger that comes forth when I see even one flake of snow is unreal, and nothing else elicits that strong of an awful reaction out of me. Let me tell you all the reasons why I kind of want to die a little more than usual on the winter months.

First of all, it takes an hour to even get your car ready to drive. You have to run out into the freezing cold, hurry and unlock your car door which is definitely frozen shut and impossible to open for a good two minutes, you then have to sit in your heatless car for at least fifteen minutes before the heat kicks in in your over ten year old car, all while defrosting all six windows so you can actually see the frozen road that you will be swerving all over. All of this makes it so much easier to be a hermit in my apartment instead of pulling on boots, gloves, a hat and a bulky winter coat so I don’t end up getting sick at least five times every winter, and try to navigate awful Boston roads where, by the way, is a free-for-all. Seriously, there are no road rules here. I’m pretty sure I’ve run at least 45 red lights since moving here, and that’s coming from a self proclaimed great driver.

The only plus of snow and winter was hoping for a snow day from school but now I don’t even get that joy. Wake up and it’s such a strong blizzard out that you can’t see out the window? Guess what – still have to go to work. Still have to go grocery shopping. No days off. Also, no one even gets to see cute winter outfits, cute sweaters, cute anything because it’s TOO COLD. Can’t take a shower before leaving the house in the morning because hair will literally freeze. Can’t walk around Boston being all touristy because it’s still too cold. Can’t put gas in your car without not being able to feel your fingers for a full twenty minutes after. And we get almost five full months of it and there is nothing to be done during the winter months, and in conclusion, I should be living on a beach in California.

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