girl finds herself in grad school.

Siena College was the location of the best four years of my life. Forget high school – college gave me my favorite people, allowed me to get my foot in the door as a main editor of the school’s student run newspaper, taught me to have the work ethic and actual academic skills that I definitely never got in high school, and learning the ability of not being so shy that I would rather starve myself in my room rather than go to the dining hall alone. While Siena itself wasn’t the best school in almost every aspect besides the friend one, (one of my favorite memories – when I ordered an iced coffee before my 8 am and they gave me a hot coffee with one ice cube almost fully melted) it gave me my most favorite memories and best life lessons.

Going into senior year, I was already in the mindset of, “Yeah, I’m done. No more school, it’ll be easy to find a librarian job with a little old Bachelor’s degree.” …..Who wants to tell her? Wasn’t it my surprise when I discovered that librarians needed a Master’s degree in something called Library AND Information Science. Uh, I’m sorry, what? What the hell is Information Science? What do you mean I need two to three more years of school? So then, of course came the mental breakdowns on how I would pay, where would I go, I’m too stupid to get in, I want to live in Boston but it costs millions of dollars, I will never get accepted, and on and on. I had gone from taking advantage of my savings, moving to a cute little apartment in Boston, and immediately becoming the cute little city librarian that everyone loves, to having to live in an apartment in a not so great area and being a commuter into the heart of Boston to get yet another degree and spend thousands more on student loans.

This all being said, Simmons is a beautiful school, and I almost wish I had gone here during undergrad, just so I could take more advantage of it. I only had one class this semester (remember when I was supposed to be taking three? ha ha) and on Thursday’s, I loved going to get a cup of coffee and sitting in the lounge they have available for library science students, and going to class in the swanky tech labs they have. And I really do wish I could spend more time there, but for some reason I CANNOT figure out the student discount so I am forced to spend $22.00 every time I park in the garage. That or spend an hour on the T. So while I’m definitely off to a rough start in terms of grades and laziness this semester, I’m hoping next semester I’ll have the reality check of realizing I’m paying thousands for what is going to be my actual career, and start putting in a little more effort.

I’m finally starting to get out into the city instead of holing up in my room (which I can way too easily do – another fatal character trait), hopped on the T and went to the BPL today, which I didn’t even get all the way INTO. I managed to get into the courtyard and have the perfect, most aesthetic little study session until a group of fifth graders on the lunch break of the field trip completely shattered my dreams and I had to pack it in for the day. I’m excited to pretend I’m becoming a cute little Bostonian who has a signature spot in the lib, and sips on her stupid, expensive coffee while pretending to write in the 2020 planner she bought for no good reason, and pretending she has any semblance of an idea of what she is doing here.

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