from ny to ma.

i moved to a new state.

Anyone who knew me growing up, along with probably a good majority of my immediate and extended family, most likely all could have agreed on the idea that I was way too shy and nervous to ever make a big move like leave the small, country town that I grew up to the exciting big city, Boston, MA. In a different state. On my own. Living with random roommates. Going to school in the middle of Fenway. This time last year, I one hundred percent would have been right there with those who believed that. Yet after posting a quick picture and bio on Simmon’s housing site, finding three roommates {who would turn out to be three of the greatest people you could hope to find on a random housing site), begging my parents to take the family cat with you (which would turn out to be dangerous as this is now truly the most spoiled cat in the world and my wallet is draining quickly), and signing a lease on an apartment I hadn’t even seen in person, I moved in back in September, a little over four months ago now. Living a couple of blocks away from a major thoroughfare literally nicknamed “Methadone Mile,” struggling through the fact that I was supposed to be done with school at this point, yet here I am commuting a couple days a week to get my Master’s degree, trying to get rich without having to do really do anything except read books, I figured I would start blogging to try to get it all down. Read on to hear me take on the monstrous city and some relatable and quirky updates about this not real life I am living.

The photo for this post is the world’s cutest roommates.I’ve always been the shy girl who comes off mean looking to anyone who makes eye contact, so for me to be able to live with three girls and not be despising my life (ha ha remember college) is amazing, and made the transition here so much easier.

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